Strange Things are Happening to Me….

I really should put separate categories for my heavy, analytical posts like the last and for life updates like this one. Maybe I’ll shelve them under “Insomnia Reading” and “OMG Ostrich Farms!!1!” respectively. (Yes, they do have ostrich farms in SA. Yes, I do plan to go ride an ostrich.)

In just a little over a week, I will be leaving Milwaukee. I’m already starting my final activities. Yesterday, I volunteered at the Urban Ecology Center for the last time. That was kind of sad. The kids (with whom I do – or did – an environmental education program) were cute and asked me all sorts of questions about Africa. One kid even gave me an extended bearhug and said they were going to miss me. It’s odd, because I felt like I was just the quiet guy who stood off by the side and was more interested in weeding and planting than in playing games with the kids. I’ll have to keep in touch with the program and let them know all about the strange flora and fauna of SA. I’m also going to miss destroying buckthorn there. One of my coworkers suggested that I take some buckthorn over to SA, just for the sake of being able to pull it up later. In a country that already has big game, one has to been creative in extreme hunting sports.

Yesterday was also my last day at work. No tears at all about that, except perhaps of sheer joy and relief. On the plus side, after listening to small talk, petty gossip, and depressing medical conversations for 35 hours a week, I feel like I have the patience for just about anything.

So this week is dedicated to getting rid of junk and packing stuff up. Making arrangements to sell furniture and books. Putting together my Milwaukee bucket list. Spending way too much money, fueled by the blood of my poor sold books. It’s still all quite surreal, though my clocks haven’t started melting quite yet. (… this is why I’m going into PC and not stand-up comedy.)