So long, and thanks for all the pap

It turns out that not only will I not make it in time to avoid medical separation, but the reinstatement process generally requires that you be stable for 6 months out of a year.  Which is just too long to wait around here in the meantime.  So I will be officially leaving Peace Corps as of next Thursday.

It is sad.  I miss my village, and many people in it.  I feel bad for them, thinking that they were going to get help and then being left high and dry.  Also, I wanted to make it through this challenge and say that, yes, I lived as a PCV for over two years.  Hiking in the mountains everyday probably also makes the list of reasons I wanted to return.

But I’ve also gotten tired of just waiting around here.  45 days in one spot, without crowded taxis to take me into town, with no challenge, just hasn’t appealed to me.  The governmental bureaucracy I had to deal with was tortuous, and quite honestly concerned so much with PR that their concern with PR is their main public image (and not a positive one).  And honestly, I was growing rather cynical of any attempts to help the children learn; they would just go back into the same broken system once I left.  There’s not much an American volunteer can do if South Africa itself doesn’t decide to make education a priority.

So time to head back to Milwaukee in a couple weeks and see what life has to offer.  It’s kind of nice having choices again.  And I’ve rediscovered my love of music in the past month; I really want to see if there’s anything I can do professionally with it, once I practise hard for the next year or so.  Already got some great blues pieces to play through on this mandolin, and I’m looking forward to a book on Gypsy Jazz coming in.

I’ll be heading out on more adventures, so I’m keeping this blog up.  I’m still looking toward the future and trying to find time wherever I can to make the world a more awesome place.


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