The Long and Winding Road

Update!  Kind of.  I thought I was going to be able to take advantage of a cancellation to get an appointment tomorrow, but I was wrong.  So it’s almost certain now that I will not make it back in time before the medical separation period is over (45 days).  That doesn’t mean that South Africa is rid of me; I can still apply to be reinstated, especially since I won’t be going that much over 45 days.  But still, it’s annoying.  Especially because the wait isn’t due to treatment, but because I still haven’t started the actual treatment yet, since Peace Corps cares more about getting the right paperwork and written evals done thrice over than about the actual care of its volunteers.  Ship them out after a half hour informal chat; send them back after in-depth monitoring from multiple professionals, with whom Peace Corps won’t lift a finger to help you get appointments in a timely fashion, while conditions worsen under effective house arrest, when everything could have been taken care of in a week or two back in South Africa had anyone listened to me.  Have I mentioned that I’m getting a little miffed about the situation?  At least the inefficiency and incompetence reassure me that I’m still on the government dime.

I doubt that I can manage any trips around things here, especially since I have to be ready for cancellations at any minute, so excursions to Billings or Milwaukee or Chicago or whatnot are out.  The only thing keeping me reasonably sane and occupied at the moment is music.  So seriously, send me messages or something, or set up a Skype-jam to give me incentive to play more.  Secret admirer gifts for Valentine’s Day are also accepted.


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