Evals In

I got the correspondence back today from my medical and dental evaluations. I hadn’t heard back from dental because I didn’t have enough xrays done. (Actually, I’m pretty sure that I followed the instructions that they gave me. But I seem to have mailed those in instead of keeping them, so I can’t doublecheck my suspicions.) However, I just need to get those in a month before leaving – which would entail that I can get an assignment to leave before doing so. So I’ll just get those done before leaving Milwaukee.

The medical evaluation confirmed my suspicions: I’ve been qualified due to asthma. I’m not sure why – I only use an inhaler as-needed, which is almost always because of a bout of bronchitis. Giving me a couple albuterols should be sufficient, and I don’t see how location plays a role in that. But, that would (according to the PeaceCorps Wiki, over in the sidebar) remove me from service in Burkina Faso, and likely from West Africa in general. Given the rest of the info I’ve gathered and have been told, I think I know where I will end up. In the meantime, I’m trying to teach myself how to pronounce click languages.


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