Ch ch ch changes

Got an email today. Evidently, I have a qualified medical clearance; I guess I find out in a few days what that means. I’m still on, but for whatever reason, Francophone West Africa seems to be out.

What does that mean? It sounds like I’m still going to be in Sub-Saharan Africa somewhere teaching math, and still leaving in July. However, the precise location is up for grabs. I’ll post updates as I get them, although I don’t think that I’ll have much to say until I get my official invitation.

Update: No, nothing official. I just did some searching. Assuming that I’m barred from West Africa, but still teaching Math in Sub-Saharan Africa somewhere, it looks like I might be in Namibia, South Africa, or Tanzania; perhaps in Cameroon, which would be why I “may not” be in Francophone Africa. Or maybe they figure that Ghana, the Gambia, or Sierra Leone would be safer places for me than Burkina Faso. All of this could be overturned in seconds with the next piece of info I get, of course.


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